Sleep Orbit


Relaxing sounds that help you sleep


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Sleep Orbit is a relaxation app that helps you sleep better. There are dozens of different sounds divided into 17 categories that range from animals to rain, on top of short phrases to reinforce your lucid dreaming skills.

One of the best features of Sleep Orbit is that, unlike other similar apps, you can create and store your own audio mixes. What’s more, you can adjust your mixes in full detail. So, move away the sounds you just added or move them closer. You can even make a sound ‘orbit’ around you or make it permanent.

Among the many sounds that are included in the app, the ASMR related sounds stand out the most. These sounds are basically voices that whisper certain words or short phrases. They’ll relax you in no time.

Sleep Orbit is an relaxation and ASMR app that lets you totally and completely personalize it. Each user can create her own mix of sounds using a super easy-to-use interface.
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